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I have laryngitis? I'm Hoarse? Been There, Done That..

The panic and annoyance of laryngitis and throat irritation, etc., setting in? I've been there....

I had an amazing session set up with amazing talented legends the session was set and I had 3 days to prep and get my voice backkkkkk! Ughhhh!

I'm a vocal coach of many years and have been in the music business for ages so I had to work my knowledge on MUAH!!! MEEEE! lol...

So I jumped into action pulling all my herbs together! The infamous wonder concoction, which is in voice to life tea,

plus honey, ACV, warm salt water, and cayenne pepper!!

OMG! The thought of cancelling was driving me insane! I thought to myself, "I can't cancel though", so I had to pull this off.

The voice is made to sing and speak for 24 hours a day if correct techniques are used, i.e. "The Diaphragm", Sooooooo........ I blew balloons and also blew bubbles in water with straws to keep my power muscle utilized!

I slept like a hibernating bear in the woods! I drank water, water, water, and more water! NO DAIRY! I texted everybody because there was no way I was going to utilize my voice and do more damage, while also wasting the energy! I DID AMAZING STEAMS! I drank warm comforting tea that I had concocted myself and GUESS WHAT!?! I made it to the session! I sang a 5-part harmony! Killed IT! Got paid and went home!

AAAAAAH! The things we will do for what we love!.

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