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Smooth citrus throat comfort tea "The Vocal S.O.S" for those days when your voice & throat need a boost to recover from being over - worked.  The herbal goodness inside each teabag will soothe and bring life back into your vocal folds.  It's "No Fun" having a sore throat or strained cords!  The Organic Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm & Licorice Root will comfort your throat area and allow some relief with their wonderful properties.  Sip, Relax, Sleep, Vocal Rest and Recover!!!!

(Tea is Made to Order)

    Voice To Life Tea/Organic/Herbal, "The Vocal SOS"

    SKU: 364215376135191
    • *Steep/Brew 1 teabag in an 8oz (English tea-cup) for 10 -15 minutes in boiling hot fresh spring water


      *Use 2 teabags if using 10oz cup/mug


      *As you come to the end of the brew lightly squeeze the teabag to release all the needed goodness from the bag  then dispose of  the teabag


      *Add honey for sweetness


      *Sip, Relax & Enjoy!

    • It is crucial for singer's, entertainers & anyone that utilizes their voice to take care of "The Instrument!!!"


      This tea is made for the betterment of voice by entertainers so we know just what it takes to heal.


      • Make sure you REST, VOCAL REST, STEAM and drink your room temp spring water along with using Voice To Life TEA! 
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